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Re: [IP] Re: problems with relations (inlaws)

On 29 Dec 99, at 6:18, mark w saddler wrote:
> At family events we are having increasing problems with my
> brother-in-laws
> long time girl friend (12 year common law wife). She keeps on telling Eve
> that she should not eat some things.  How can Eve or I tactfully tell her
> to back off?

Sometimes there is no tactful way of doing this.  I have found it 
better to just ask the annoying person what their qualifications are 
to give such worthless medical advice...  and if they have any 
qualifications (or have had them in the past) I ask when they 
updated their skills to reflect the current practices...  I've also had 
good results when I point out that I have had a lot more training and 
experience than they have...  You don't have to get nasty, just 

One important thing is to make sure that Eve is secure enough in 
her own skills in this area so she recognizes misinformation.  She 
will also encounter people who just won't quit with the free 
advice/horror stories.  She needs to develop the ability to say 
"Thank you for you unsolicited opinion.  Now I will do what my 
medical team has taught me to do." and then just go ahead and 
ignore the person...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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