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[IP] Re:sore fingers

Well it appears all my missing digest over the past few days finally came 
in, but I didn't see the post that I sent, so I'm sending it again.

Shortly after my son was diagnosed 4 years ago, I attended a diabetes 
seminar at one of our local hospitals.  A visiting doctor told about 
growing up with diabetes, and struggling as a very active athletic adult 
(he also runs marathons), and also the stresses of his chosen occupation.

He also mentioned about sore fingers and I'll never forget his advice.  He 
said the soreness and the resulting black marks was caused by a slight 
hemorrhaging of blood right under the skin surface.  He advised to pinch 
the newly pricked site between your thumb and index finger while your meter 
was counting down.  Since I'm still squeamish about doing finger pricks to 
myself (Anthony is a real trooper about this and doesn't think twice about 
it), I've given it a try and it does work.  My fingers haven't been the 
least bit sore at all afterwards....and when Anthony remembers to do it, he 
doesn't get as many little black marks.

mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95, pumping very soon! 

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