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Re: [IP] eye exams..at what time?

I believe that a dilated eye exam is recommended after 10 years of 
diabetes, and at least yearly after that.  Having a "baseline exam 
and photo" would be a good thing to have for later diagnosis of 

Dm - 35 yrs, eye exams - 34;  I think I'm past due!  :>)

On 31 Dec 99, at 13:28, Ruth Schneider wrote:
> > Anthony had his first baseline exam and photo of his eyes within a couple
> > of months after diagnosis.  He's had a yearly one since
> this is new to us.  geneva has had DM for almost four years.  never has she
> had an eye exam other than the normal one with an eye chart that they do for
> my other non DM child.

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