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Re: [IP] a long, loooooooow night.

Gianna -

You CAN'T let yourself get too low, but you need your sleep as well.  What
about setting your basal at .1 or .2 less during the night?  What about
sleeping 4 hours on that lesser rate, then setting your alarm to get up and
test?  If you're high at that point, re-set your basal to it's normal point,
then go back to sleep.  Don't bolus - in my humble opinion.  Better to wake
up high than NOT at all!  Sometimes, when my bg is low, it stays low, until
I do some serious eating to bringit up and keep it up.  One thing I notice
on lows - once it goes low, it stays low on this pump.  But you would be
surprised at what a difference even a .1 reduction/increase in your basal
rate does.

Good luck!  Let us know how you do, OK?     Jane

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