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RE: [IP] Possible solution to annoying ignorant meal visitors...(sorry so long)

Great story! I had the "carb is a carb is a carb" problem with my mother in
law. She is type 2. A few months ago she was eyeing a piece of birthday
cake. She decided against it (it was a small piece too) and instead got
herself a whole plate heaped with mashed potatos! I told her the cake was a
better choice than that so she put the potatoes away and crumbled a huge
hunk of cornbread into a glass of milk. I still haven't gotten her to
understand that it isn't just sugar she has to be careful of. Of course a
few hours later when her sugar was well over 250 she may have gotten an


> less tomorrow."  And of course I responded "exactly!  A carb
> is a carb is a
> carb. I will just take less insulin tomorrow when I eat less"
> and walked
> away.  The football field sized halogen light bulb that when
> on over her
> head could have blinded and army of people. :)

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