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Re: [IP] NOT invincible!

On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, amy m wrote:
<<snipped the normal part of the day..>>
>  didn't check before driving home..
>  I was 500 when I got in! should've done 8.5
> correction, but i did 9.0 in a shot..then thought, i
> was rolling with cinnamon and sugar all night..so
> washed hands and rechecked (5 mins after shot)
> 449....my mom think's i will crash later..but I
> havne't had a 500 since at lesat november, darn it! my
> stie was great, just put in last night and a 500 out
> of the blue! and i had no dinner, didn't even drink
> that whole drink so it wasn't that, and i've had
> thhose beofre...just a reminder we're not
> invincible..i was in a lousy mood at work nad
> brightened up after my 71...maybe b/c of the sky high?
> but this sucks! i hope i don't crash!

Ah, don't worry. Strange things like that happen all the time. Don't worry
though. You did the right thing (except for the not checking b4 driving)
and you corrected it. Hopefully you didn't crash too bad.

Trust me, worse things could have happened :)


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