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[IP] Tape problems

During the summer, it could be 100 degrees, I sweat like a pig constantly,
and I could swim for hours each day, and never really had a problem with my
sets sticking (I use sils) without any extra tape or anything.  Then two
weeks ago came along.  NOTHING will stick!  My sils won't, IV3000 won't,
tegrederm won't, J&J or 3M clear tape won't, surgical tape won't, or a
couple other types of tape.  I don't have Tinature of Binizone (or whatever
its name is), but I did try Skin prep, IV prep, and something else, and it
made the tapes stick even less my normal soap and water.  The only thing
that stays put for more than a couple of hours is 3M cloth tape.  After
chatting, I came up with using my thighs for sites and trying to change the
type of soap I use.  (I changed soaps a couple of weeks ago)  Also, the
weather got significantly colder when I started having these problems.
Anyone have any other ideas?  

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