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[IP] invincibility probs again

 I hope my months of hell are NOT coming back! was
down to 150 90 mins after my correctgion, which was a
jhuge drop so i ate. 204 at 3am..not too surprised,
but corrected...243 when i woke up..that's now..with
trace ketones compared to none last night and a killer
headahce..changed my site last night and bg are only
going up...no clue what hte hech this is, but the darn
humalog better start working! new years last year i
had highs and was in the hospital the next day with
the stoamch flu..gross (it had better not happen
again.>i have so much for school due i have
procrastinated!) that and the bladder infection gave
me highs which kept rising w/o insulin helpign...I
seriously hate this! i skipped dinner and am skipping
breakfast, and i work in 20 minutes until 4. I can't
afford a real bg problem there! I hope I'm ok, but
this is so annoying..my period isn't due, but even if
it were it never sends me very high...darn hormones
orillness whatever! i hope it's not illness, i want to
spend the WHOLE new millenium weekend at home...that
and at a party and a sleepover tonight...(if my mom
will let me, but she won't if my bg are off the

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