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[IP] NOT invincible!

hi all--
 Well, another day of work at cinnabon..did my usual
0.5 temp basal for an hour before work till an hour of
getting off....
 71 at work, ate a frosting cup, brought me up to
194..not bad, corrected that..skipped dinner but had a
moche latta (not much carbs, i think someone said
11g?) i have done 1.5 for that fine in teh past, but
did 2.0 tonight...
 didn't check before driving home..
 I was 500 when I got in! should've done 8.5
correction, but i did 9.0 in a shot..then thought, i
was rolling with cinnamon and sugar all night..so
washed hands and rechecked (5 mins after shot)
449....my mom think's i will crash later..but I
havne't had a 500 since at lesat november, darn it! my
stie was great, just put in last night and a 500 out
of the blue! and i had no dinner, didn't even drink
that whole drink so it wasn't that, and i've had
thhose beofre...just a reminder we're not
invincible..i was in a lousy mood at work nad
brightened up after my 71...maybe b/c of the sky high?
but this sucks! i hope i don't crash!

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