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[IP] sore fingers

Okay, you people are beginning to make me feel like I'm a very lucky
(and/or weird) 41+ IDDM. Besides having no complications, I now find
that don't have the problems with black marks on my fingers from bg
testing - well, I do get a very rare black mark but that happens only if
the finger stick also hurts on entry. I do bg checks a minimum of seven
times per day so I'm definitely not talking too few finger stick to
notice. Why don't you all drop over to my house and we'll do a
simultaneous bg check - there must be some minor thing that's making a
big difference ? ? ? ?

After you put the blood on the strip, do you hold the "stick" site
against a tissue on a hard surface and push down very hard? I read
somewhere (way back when) that this helps but I was already doing it,
don't know why, just habit! Can't think of anything else that might
account for the luck I have with finger sticks. Of course, there's
always that fact that no two people are alike. particularly when talking
diabetes. . . .Donna

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