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[IP] Our Experience

I'm not sure if everyone will get this or not as the mail server seems to be
having problems, but I must relate Taylor's experience with the CDE on
Tuesday.  We went to see her to discuss the pump in greater detail, and when
we did she let him try it out.  This was more of a test to see if he could
handle putting in the infusion set.  Well he was able to handle it as we
used the soft-serter, and he thought it was great!!  They then let us go out
for a few hours to let him have lunch and play with it.  When we were out
his dad and I asked if he still wanted it, well now he wants it more than
ever!!  Now to convince insurance.  He doesn't see his Dr. until March, but
I think I will call/fax her to see if she will write a new prescription to
insurance (as we are fighting off of his old Dr.'s prescription), and now
also add into it that he is having more episodes of hypo unawareness.  He
went from 431 Monday nite to 38 Tuesday morning and did not feel the low
(this is just one example).  This is too frightening for us.  Hopefully we
will be able to get back with a more positive response soon!!

Taylor (9 dx 3-9-99)

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