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RE: [IP] Disetronic Pump?

Sorry to hear you haven't heard much from the list on the D pumps. I
know you directed the following questions mostly at Jon, but I will also
volunteer some responses on behalf of my husband Shane. We were in your
same position about 10 weeks ago... Please let us know if we can help
answer any other questions.
ps. Please note that these are only our opinions. Other people on the
list will surely have different opinions, needs, and experiences. We
could care less about the square wave, but others here would hate to go
without it. Choose a pump for yourself based on what YOU want and need,
not on what the rest of us say you need.

>1.  Why did you chose the Disetronic pump?

Shane really liked the waterproofness thing so he could shower, swim,
canoe, etc without worry and without extra accessories. He also liked
the idea of a backup pump so that he wouldn't have to wait for a backup
to be sent to him.

>2.  What are the three things you like best about the Disetronic pump?

Waterproofness, backup pump, delivers insulin every 3 minutes where MM
delivers less often. I think you can also set more basal rates on D than
on MM.

>3.  What are the top three things you would change about the Disetronic

Would be nice to have the features that MM has on the 508: remote
control, vibrate alarms, multiple basals, square/dual waves.  However,
even if the 508 had been available when we chose, Shane still would've
picked D, as these features aren't as important to him as the ones in
question 2. 

>4.  What do you think of the customer service provided by the Disetronic

So far it has been excellent. They worked with our insurance and got us
our pump about 2 days after our request. All of our orders have arrived
in 2 days or less with no errors. All billing to insurance has been
taken care of for us. They let us trade in a box of glass cartridges for
plastic ones which we prefer.

>5.  What advice would you give to someone selecting and just starting to use
>a pump?

Play with your pump A LOT when  you first get it and before you go to
the doctor for start up. Know how to run it. Practice giving boluses and
setting basals. Know what to do if certain situations arise (ie. alarms,
high blood sugars).  The doctors will be impressed, your start up will
go quicker, and most importantly you will be more comfortable with
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