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[IP] sick day advice

Howdy y'all... I am curious if anyone has had a similar virus to what I am
battling now.  Normally I would have seen a doctor by now, but the student
health center is closed and the only thing insurance will pay for is if I go
to the ER.  When you go to the ER with a virus or flu, you are the LAST
person on the list...

So here's my "story":
Developed a terrible headache monday night (sinus), fine tuesday morning, by
tuesday afternoon the terrible headache was back, I was sensitive to light
and had chills so I went home from work.  By tuesday night my fever peaked
at 103 deg F.

Tylenol broke my fever over night, but now tylenol doesn't seem to affect it
unless I take too much.  It now bounces between 100 and 102, usually
sticking closer to 100.  My headache disappeared yesterday morning.  I have
been flushing my sinuses with salt water.  I get sinus infections a lot and
the things that are different here is that I never get a fever with a sinus
infection, my throat is scratchy (which for me usually means virus), and the
headache disappeared.  So I really don't think it is a sinus infection.  I
am also stuffed up in the nose, which I usually don't get with sinus

Blood sugars were fine until last night... middle of night tested in high
200's and haven't been able to bring it down yet.  Just changed site.  I
never get ketones at this level, but I checked anyways and I have moderate

So I am drinking LOTS of water... but my main question is, has anyone had
anything similar?  Do you all think it is a virus? or the flu?  The thought
of having to go to the ER is not all that exciting...

Any advice/comments appreciated.........


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