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[IP] a long, loooooooow night.

Hi all - I'm up at this wonderful hour (almost 1 am) because I really don't 
think I should go to bed quite yet . . .my bg has been REALLY low all night 
and I don't know why. I even had the pleasure of experiencing a carb black 
hole instead of the usual insulin black hole.  I went out for lunch today 
and three hours after I was 213, so I bolused a correction of 2.2, which 
should have brought me down to 103 or so. Then I went to work (which doesn't 
entail much activity, especially on a Wednesday night.) and about two hours 
after my correction I started feeling pretty shaky. Now, for me to feel 
really shaky is bad because I have to be pretty low to get visibly 
symptomatic. So I of course tested and was 34!! EEP! I tested again just to 
be sure and came up "LO".  Now, I don't really know how low the accuchek 
complete reads and I know it gets a lot less accurate at low numbers, but 
still.  This was pretty scary - as in , the scary part was that I was 
walking around and didn't feel much of anything.  So, I ended up eating a 
substantial amount of various desserts at work, and after work I was still 
only 81.  That was a few hours ago, and I've had to suspend my pump and eat 
more and I'm now 94.  I really want to go to bed but I'm still nervous. I 
have no idea why this happened! I checked to make sure I bolused the amount 
I thought I did and checked my meter . . .it seems like just one of those 
weird things. Maybe I'll go to bed but set a lower temp basal. I'd rather 
wake up high than low. hmmmm . . .I don't know.  And, now I'm going to need 
to raise my targets for awhile to get some symptoms back.  I also have to do 
more basal tests . .I just did them three weeks ago and thought they were 
pretty much set, but I suppose you never know.  sigh. Christmas and pumping 
went really smoothly but I've been on somewhat of a rollercoaster since 
Sunday night, with no apparent reason. (believe me, I've thought of all the 
usual stuff) OK, enough venting. any thoughts anyone??
sleepily accepting the fact that artificial organs never do as good a job as 
the real ones, Gianna
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