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[IP] Minimed Sensor

Huge day for Stephanie! Went to Barbara Davis Center to become a member of a
research group for Mini-med's continuous glucose monitoring system! She'll
wear the sensor for 6 three-day periods in the next thirty days (may go as
long as six months, depending on study protocol) with a return trip to the
office after each 3-day period to download data. The monitor isn't
waterproof (boo) but the wires are about 30" long, so she'll probably be
okay in the tub. The sensor is somewhat similar to a soft-set (even has an
inserter if you want to use one) with a teflon cannula and plastic button
"thingie" where it enters the skin (but it isn't able to quick release). We
came home with a new Accuchek complete (all kids in study will use the same
meter for the duration of the study), free strips for the duration, and even
a brand new copy of the latest edition of the "Pink Panther" book (Dr. Chase
is running the study) which has a new chapter on pumping and results from
this fall's study on the CGMS! Needless to say, we're overwhelmed (in the
best way, of course)! Steph's basals need re-vamping, and I'm thinking this
continuous monitor will give us lots of good data!

Betsy, mom of 10.5 yo Stephanie who didn't need Emla to do the insertion
even tho the 17 yo next to her did!

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