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[IP] relatives (Deborah/Eve/Gianna)

Hi all,

Just a couple of thoughts regarding interfering relatives, friends, and
acquaintances (well-meaning or just PIA).  I have found that doing a
"demonstration" works well.  

For example, at work I made a point of testing my bg just before a get
together with treats--made sure MANY of my advice-enhanced coworkers heard
the number, and that it was within "normal" range.  Explained to the group
I was with (but in earshot of others) that I was going to enjoy some treats
MAINTAIN CONTROL OF MY BLOOD SUGARS."  I pulled out my pump, showed them
the screens as I explained my carb calculations and bolused away.  Then, a
couple of hours later I did another public blood test and made sure
everyone heard that my results were just wonderful and that if they were a
little high or low I could tweak it immediately.  And isn't it great how
this little insulin pump allows me to have a much more normal life WITHOUT
RISKING MY HEALTH even though I continue to monitor for the long-term
complications that I might someday have to deal with.  

Ok, that was a little loud, but you get my point--and so did they!  I had
to help my son Josh do a similar demonstration with family members when he
got his pump.  It certainly doesn't stop all of the busybodies who just
want to look and feel superior, but for those who speak from ignorance or
true concern, it gives them the information they need.

Of course this is most effective if you really know what your're doing and
get great results like Gianna with her cheesecake!  <vbg>  

Just my .02.

8)  Doreen in Wyoming       
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