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Re:[IP] problems with relations (inlaws)

I have the "you shouldn't eat that" problem with lots of my family,
including my parents.  I've tried to educate then, but I feel like I'm
talking to a brick wall (although as I said in a post a couple days ago,
there might be hope, so I'll keep educating).  After I have explained
myself several times (which it sounds like you/Eve has), then I switch to
purposefully choosing what I want and sitting where I want, and comment how
good the food is and how much I love my pump!  If they continue to try to
discuss how I shouldn't eat something and they are eating themselves, I
usually ask something like "So when was the last time you had a stomach
virus?  That is as appropriate as this converstation."  That usually makes
them stop (however it isn't tackful and Ann Landers would love to critize
me for that).  If I was dealing with the tattletale problem, after an
intial explaination I would switch to "Oh, she only had X?  I would have
thought she would have had X and Y" or "That sounds really good."
Educating people is great, but at times after my intial lecture, I really
would like to be left alone and enjoy my life (now discussions of diabetes
are fine, but when I am getting nowhere I'd just rather not at times).

As for the drinking Eve's pop, I label things that are mine if I don't want
them consumed by others if I find asking them not to doesn't work.  This is
only effective if she drinks it out of the can (which is what my family
does, but it isn't family situations that I have this problem, we are long
time diet pop people).  I have fun with this at times.  I will cover the
pop can with masking tape write "MAUREEN'S do not drink" on it, then get
permenant markers and decorate it to make it look pretty.  If someone else
drinks out of the can, they usually get enough questions and dirty looks
they stop.  If you don't drink out of the can, then the only thing I've
found effective is to hide it or keep it in a backpack (zipped up) that is
kept with purses and things.

As usually YMMV, and the above is definately not the most polite or subtle,
but I've never done subtle and sometimes I just can't do any more polite.

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