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[IP] Re: Logging Data

Laurie, my daughter Katie is only 9 years old and I figure she's busy
enough doing all the things little girls do to bother with filling out a
log (geesh, some days it's too much for her to stop long enough to put
her meter and poke away!).  So either I jot down the info when she tells
me her number or I just let her meter hold the info and download it on
the computer at the end of the week.  She has an Accu-Chek Complete.  As
she gets older, I'll have her take more and more responsibility.  But for
now, she's still a kid and I'm happy to help!
God Bless,
Debbie, Mom of Katie, 9, dx'd 9/97
MiniMed pumper since 8/2/99 (youngest kid in Alaska...so far!)

For those of you with kids that are pumping...do you log the data or do
My daughter Stephie, age 8, has been pumping almost 2 months and I'm
finding it
difficult to have her keep this info up to date on her own (she does fine
her own with figuring boluses, etc...she just doesn't write it down). 
for some tips regarding what all of you do!

Laurie, Stephie's mom
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