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[IP] Possible solution to annoying ignorant meal visitors...(sorry so long)

My family is very small and everyone respects how my parents handled my
diabetes care, and that I am now taking care of myself.  So I have never had
a problem with my side of the family.  I also was lucky to find a great guy
to marry.  His mom is a type 1 and his family also knows that we know better
then them how to take care of ourselves.

However, this Christmas my brother in-law brought over a friend of his who
was visiting for the holiday.  She didn't know that either one of us was a
diabetic since it never really came up in any conversations my brother
in-law had with her.  

Before Christmas Dinner everyone (all 20 of my husbands relatives) gather in
the kitchen and eat Christmas cookies and cheese and crackers and chat.
Well since my pump is the newest member of my family, it was a topic of
conversation.  Kelly, the friend, of course over heard and started pestering
me about things I was eating and how I should really know better.  Of course
everyone was very polite and knew I would come up with some witty response.
(Great sense of humor in my husbands family and they have a lot of respect
for mine. ;)   )  So after lingering around listening to all the stuff she
had to say and talking with other family I learned a few things.  

1. She didn't understand that a carb was a carb was a carb.  (Basically
anything with sugar in it was bad)
2. She didn't understand why no one else was trying to turn me around from
my bad ways, and didn't they see I was in trouble since I needed a pump.
(Another story)
3. She was on the Weight Watchers Diet.

Ok so you are probably asking yourself why the 3rd would be important. Ha ha
ha.  Well my mother-in-law is also on the diet and when I told her about my
plan she gratefully helped out and made me a cheat sheet for the meal.  For
anyone who isn't familiar with the new makeup of the weight watchers diet
they have a point system.  Certain foods have certain points and you can eat
basically anything you want as long as you don't go over your daily point
value.  You also can "save" points over a few days I believe.  

Ok back to the story.  Everyone for sake of keeping my mother-in-law out of
it didn't mention that she was a diabetic and she very discreetly took her
insulin (still on MDI) and went on with the meal.  My brother-in-law new
that she wasn't supposed to go over 26 points each day.  So I sat with my
cheat sheet across the table from her and wickedly waited for food to hit
her plate.  :)  So every time she served herself something:  "You know you
really shouldn't eat that, you should know better it has 9 pts."  "You
shouldn't have that, people on diets shouldn't be eating that much fat. I
mean that has 10 pts. alone."  "Are you going to eat all the food on your
plate?  That has at least 32 points on it."  After a good hour of taunting I
felt better and she was squirming.  I should say I felt good about this but
it was a lot of fun after being on the other end.  When we made it to
dessert and things were being passed around  I definitely found the straw
that broke the camels back.  In mid sentence about the brownie she was
eating (5pts) :)  She gave me a look and said give me a break a "point is a
point is a point! Eating more today isn't going to hurt me I will just eat
less tomorrow."  And of course I responded "exactly!  A carb is a carb is a
carb. I will just take less insulin tomorrow when I eat less" and walked
away.  The football field sized halogen light bulb that when on over her
head could have blinded and army of people. :)  

So maybe this won't help with Eve or with other people on this list.  But it
definitely was something I had to share.  The problem is that people who
learn about diabetes souley from the relative who died from it years ago or
from television, really never know the whole picture. You just need to find
something they are familiar with and pound it in that way.

-- Sherry
PS.  My new years resolution is to not be so wickedly evil at a holiday. :)

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