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Re: [IP] problems with relations (inlaws)

>You could give her any of a bunch of books or even some of the ADA >introductory info about diabetes...Heck, you could pass 'em out to the rest >of the family so they'll all know she's wrong and can fight your battle for >you.

I particularly like the idea of educating the other family members. If
they know what's right, maybe they can put pressure on her to back off.
Now, if you want a more "in-your-face" approach, here's a story about
how my mother dealt with a in-law problem:
When my brother and I were very small, my grandfather (dad's dad) had an
alcohol problem. One year, my mother walked into the house at Christmas
time, gathered the family and announced "If grandpa gets drunk in front
of my children, I am taking them and leaving"  Sure enough, he got
drunk, we left. The family was stunned. My dad and grandpa were both
pretty hot about it. But...he never drank in front of us again. A couple
of weeks after the incident he stopped drinking altogether and hasn't
had a drink in almost 25 years.
Possible way to apply this to your situation: At New Year's announce to
the whole family (or have your husband announce if it is his family):
"We have worked with Eve's doctor to find the best treatment for her
diabetes. She is allowed to eat whatever she wants. Here is some
information to back this up. We will not allow Eve to be subjected to
lecturing from others about her care.  Therefore, if 'autie Jane' or
anyone else makes comments about what she is eating, we will leave."
Will this upset someone? probably. You will have to decide whether you
think it is worth it. But at least you have made it clear exactly who's
fault it is that you are not with the family, and the rest of the family
cannot blame you soley.
Hope you find something that works.
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