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Re: [IP] Sore fingers

The only real way to avoid the sore fingers and black marks is to stop 
testing so often.  NOT A GOOD SOLUTION!!!  Until we have non-invasive 
testing, we will just have to live with it.  But I read a suggestion 
from an endo in a newsletter sometime in the past year that the bruising 
and black marks can be minimized by keeping pressure on the pricked site 
for a minute or two after you load up the test strip.  I have done this 
and it does seem to help some, but it does not eliminate the problem.  

I know a lot of people use all of their fingers and thumbs, but I just 
use the middle finger of my left hand (I am right-handed), utilizing the 
sides.  My first endo 37 years ago suggested doing this as I would build 
up a callus that would not be as sensitive to the continual pricks from 
the lancets.  Seems to have worked okay for me but as so often is said 
here, YMMV.  

Bob Goodman
SF Bay Area
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