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Re: [IP] kids and logging

In a message dated 12/29/99 1:41:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I want her to have some kind of
 "non responsibility" in this area of her life.  she does her own site
 changes and has alot to think about. >>
Dear Ruth:
     I agree completely....No matter how mature & responsible our kids are, 
they ARE still kids. Even though Melissa started pumping at age 13 (4 yrs 
ago), I was the one who cared more about logging the bgs. She was checking 
6-8 times per day, making sure she didn't run out of insulin ( has only 
happened once or twice in 4 years!), remembering to change her infusion set 
mid-week, fasting to ascertain correct basals, remembering to bolus correctly 
after she ate ( her own YMMV pattern, since she digests slowly) and so on & 
so on and so on....."Having" to also write down all those bgs was the 
proverbial "straw that would break the camel's back"....
   So I backed off, invested in the Precision QID software & periodically 
requested that she download the info. Granted she'd see "patterns" more 
quickly if she were recording regularly, but given all that she DOES do, I 
have to back off here, knowing that she's proven herself to be responsible & 
mature enough to check very frequently & adjust accordingly & wisely.
    Lastly, just as a frame of reference on the whole "logging" 
issue...Melissa's original ped. endo would spend 2/3 of our visit in silence, 
scanning page after page of every single bg test in the preceding 3 months 
(hmmm...6 per day x 90 days= 540 entries!!) & then make a few comments...When 
we switched to an adult diabetologist shortly after she started pumping, he 
handed me back her bg record book & said " just show me the past 2 wks....the 
rest is ancient history!" Melissa was appalled & thereafter, felt he didn't 
know what he was doing! LOL....When I explained what we'd been accustomed to, 
he basically said "why? you're looking for current changes/ patterns, 
    My personal epiphany was that recording everything made ME feel more in 
control of something that was essentially OUT of my control: i.e. being able 
to "kiss it & make it all better" like I'd always done with boo-boos!! 
Learning to "let go" of MY need to "contain" this chronic condition enabled 
both me and Melissa to better integrate her diabetes into our lives. It was 
as important for HER to know that I COULD "move on", because it demonstrated 
a new level of trust.....
    Sigh - this parenting business is constantly evolving! LOL.... Keep in 
mind that every child and every family is unique and what works for us may 
not work for others...and bear in mind too that I'm speaking from the vantage 
point of someone who's been "coaching" a now 17 yr old pumper for nearly four 
years !

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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