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[IP] kids and logging

> For those of you with kids that are pumping... do you log the
> data or do they?

I do the logging because I am the one who is figuring out the basals.
geneva has a handle on what she has last eaten...what her last level
was...etc.    since we are doing so well now on the pump,  we are pretty
much working logs the same way as with shots.  we don't record food anymore
unless it is pizza or a food that requires a temp basal/  dual wave.   then
I make a note.  I also make the notes about site changes.  I log the

there is a lot of oral communication between the two of us.  we discuss
every level,  reason for it...etc.

night time is crucial though.  I log all evening levels as I still test her
at 2 am.

as jose said...the glucometers have memories so why not use them?

geneva is a very responsible 10 1/2 yr. old.  I am allowing her some down
time with logging because I know that when she is older she will have to do
it herself.  I don't mind doing it...and I want her to have some kind of
"non responsibility" in this area of her life.  she does her own site
changes and has alot to think about.


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