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[IP] speaking of problems with relations . . .

AHHHHHH!!!!! sorry all, I have to vent. On a previous thread of problems 
with relatives, I went to a "family gathering" last night for some relative 
who I'm sure I met at some point (big family :) and of course in fine 
Italian tradition there was too much food and too much dessert. Which I 
happily indulged in of course. Well, everything was going just beautifully.  
Then my grandmother (type 2 diabetic) started commenting on how I shouldn't 
really be eating so much sugar, yada yada yada, she couldn't believe that it 
could possibly be OK, wasn't I going to get sick, shouldn't my parents be 
watching what I ate more closely, didn't I know diabetes was serious stuff, 
and on and on . . . .ok you get the idea.  Meanwhile, she refused to eat 
carrots because they were "too sweet," she wouldn't touch the soup because 
"there might be sugar in it," yet she sure scarfed those garlic rolls and 
potatos . ..sigh. I know that she's older and as a type two she might be 
getting "different" instructions from people, even if they're wrong . . .but 
it was pretty frustrating, even thought I know she was only trying to help.  
Thanks for listening.  On a good note, my aunt made cheesecake (finally!!!) 
for Christmas and I was 94 pre-cheesecake and 114 post!!!! Woohoo!! --Gianna
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