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Re: [IP] problems with relations (inlaws)

>How can Eve or I tactfully tell her to back off?

Hmm. I feel like Miss Manners, here...1:-{)>

Is Eve a child or an adult?  Sorry for not remembering but it's a biiiig list.

If she's a kid, how about:

I'm so glad that you take such an interest in Eve's health. We certainly
appreciate that you care. But it's very confusing for her to get advice
from too many people. We're keeping a close eye on her, and you should know
that she is *very* responsible about her diabetes. We're very proud of her.

If Eve is an adult:

Butt out, lady!

Nah...that might not make for family harmony. I guess I'd still do some
variant of the kid's version. Thanking her for her interest and emphasizing
how responsible Eve is. And if that doesn't work, for either adult or
child, get the woman in a room *privately* and tell her to mind her own
business or it's gonna get real ugly in public the next time she pops off
with her ignorance.  And if that doesn't work, get ugly.

Another thought: Talk to the brother-in-law and let him know her intrusion
is not just harmless. He may have some influence.

Another thought: At a particularly public moment, when all are around (and
you've covered it with insulin), get Eve to munch a cookie or a piece of
pie or some other high-carb treat. Make a damned big point (in the nicest
way you can think of) of it being Just Fine.

Another thought: Does she read? You could give her any of a bunch of books
or even some of the ADA introductory info about diabetes...Heck, you could
pass 'em out to the rest of the family so they'll all know she's wrong and
can fight your battle for you.

Hey, this advice stuff is fun if I don't have to try following it myself.
Good luck!

Jeffrey Weiss
email @ redacted
Dallas, TX

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