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[IP] problems with relations (inlaws)

At family events we are having increasing problems with my brother-in-laws
long time girl friend (12 year common law wife). She keeps on telling Eve
that she should not eat some things. At Christmas she was after Eve, telling
her she shouldn't have cocktail sauce, b/c it has too much sugar in it. Or
she couldn't have a cookie on Christmas. But then goes and drinks the diet
soda we bring special for Eve. My brother-in-law is one of those that are
convinced that artificial sugar products cause brain tumors and has
convinced my other in-laws of this. We need to supply all sugar free items
when we visit. She acts as a tattletale (she's 39)  when Eve eats anything.
These are just a few examples from a single family event, and it's getting
worse. We have explained to her that a carbo is a carbo is a carbo, and that
as long as Eve doesn't have too many (sweets) and covers them with insulin
it is ok. She doesn't have a clue about diabetes but keeps it up. We will be
seeing them on New Years again.

How can Eve or I tactfully tell her to back off?

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