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Re: [IP] 6 months pumping (sorry long)

Amy- just wanted to say congratulations and all that for sticking with 
pumping . . .I admit I've been following your pump stories so I'm really 
glad things are finally starting to improve, at least from the sound of your 
email :)  Good luck with your endo and next a1c. I have my first post-pump 
a1c at the end of January, keep your fingers crossed!  It was interesting to 
read that you've been having a lot of lows lately - after being high for a 
couple of weeks I also had about 10 days of 40-60s and am trying to regain 
that symptom awareness. I think I have to start basal testing ALOT again and 
figure everything out because right now I think I'm just patching things up 
as I go along and it isn't really solving anything.  Anyway, just figured 
I'd write.  take care, Gianna
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