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[IP] Re: 6 months pumping (sorry long)

>Actually you would be surprised.  It might be exactly what is affecting him.
>Well, your cycle not his.  Have you ever checked to see if his shifts
>correspond with his?
>So the question is, could these drops every two weeks be because of your >cycle.

How bizarre! I have never considered this. I am of course familiar with
the "roommates" effect from years of dorm life. Now, when I say that his
basals need to be dropped every couple of weeks, I don't just mean
temporarily, I mean for good--they stay down and he doesn't seem to have
highs later because of it.  In 7 weeks since starting the pump he has
gone from daily totals of about 60 down to 40, to 30. And now it looks
like they are going to have to get cut again. But I am going to look
back through the books and see if there is any other sort of
correlation. I'll report back if I find anything noteworthy.
ps. I suppose just the stress of dealing with a "PMSing" spouse could
cause BG fluctuations, but I don't think I generally am TOO bad :)
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