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[IP] Re: military time

We use a Disetronic and it is on military time (that is the only
option.) Our dr is in the military so he understands military
time. :) However, when I email him our info it is written as
12am, 3am, prebreakfast, prelunch, presupper, bedtime, etc. I
don't use military time except for with the pump. I'm kind of
glad that it is set up this way because it is like a safety
feature - the am's and pm's can't get mixed up.

Jan said:
Why is Kap on military time? Is anyone else using that for their
pump? I
know a man who had a chart of 2400 hrs X 31 days (month). All the
squares this required was difficult for the dr. to read and no
one else went
by those times. The man left that dr. I couldn't read his chart
    So is this another difference in MM and D? My MM has the
option of which
to use. The manual tells how to change it. Does the D not have
the choice?

Take care, Kerri 
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