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From: Subject: [IP] help! need to change basals

Hi Linda,
The first question is, is this a pattern, or is it a one-night thing?
Sometimes, there are just bad nights, when the pizza peaks late, or the site
is going bad, or an illness is brewing, or something.  But, if I read
between the lines on your post, you've been doing nightly testing, so I'm
assuming this is a pattern.

Second question, how old is Kevin?  This looks a lot like an early-puberty
growth hormone thing.  We recently had an endo visit, and he said that
Jenna's (10, and starting to mature) basal rates may go up 2-3 TIMES the
previous basals when her growth hormone gets into full swing.  The hard
thing is, that some nights she's on a growth spurt, and some nights she's
not, so I do the bleary eyed 3 am check more nights than  not, and
temp-basal her down if she's having a "low" night.

So, with that long disclaimer, if this is a pattern, I'd up all the basals
from MN-8 am by 0.1 units per hour, and check hourly for a couple of nights
(wouldn't a Glucowatch come in handy about now?)  Then correct more if you
need to, and don't be surprised if you need to.

Just my take on things.
Nancy Morgan

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