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[IP] wake up target

I was wondering what most people use as a wake up target?

do you shoot for 130-150's or the 'magic 100'?

geneva has been doing well.   she usually goes to bed in the 200's and we
have lately been correcting to 140 at this time.   by 2 am she is either
there or higher.  if she is under 200 I leave things be.
and she wakes up anywhere from 111 (this am) to 189.

I am still perplexed as to whether we should be really aggressive with
basals from 8-12 midnight in order to get her around 100-120 at bedtime (she
is on 1.0-1.1 at this time now).......then drastically REDUCE her night time
basals so she gradually goes up to 140 instead of her normal plummeting
downward. (from 2 am until 6 am she is on 0.3 )

am I beating a dead horse?  should we just go with what we are doing and not
mess around with things at this point?


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