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[IP] insulin changes with the flu

This has been my first real illness in over 14 months of pumping, and it 
certainly is much easier on a pump.  I currently have my basal rates doubled 
(worked up to it gradually with lots of little boluses); the carb:insulin 
ratio has also decreased a little at night and hugely in the morning (but it 
hasn't been too much of an issue because I've tended to be too nauseated to 
eat then anyway)  I have only gone over 200 once, after eating in the 
morning, and have not gone low at all.  Have any of you had the basal need go 
down abruptly as you get better, or does it do that gradually too?

Yes, I had a flu shot (of course, it might be another virus, but it certainly 
is suspiciously like flu).

Was thinking of the list this morning when I went to disconnect to bathe.  I 
am usually on .4 or .5 when I do that, and look at my pump time before 
disconnecting and before reconnecting and prime for the amt I missed.  
Somehow it didn't seem as easy to figure what time the MM basals were 
delivering when using .8, but I remembered someone posting last year about 
their kid figuring out to just check the daily totals before and after to 
tell how much you missed.  Thank you, whoever you are.
Linda Z
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