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[IP] Re: 6 months pumping (sorry long)

>disetronic is STILL tangled up with insurance (FOR MM users...I think MM is >much faster in insurance/supply sense..I am still waiting for my sets)

I think this must depend, to some extent, on the insurance company. For
us, Disetronic and our insurance agreed on things very quickly and we
got the pump in 2 days. Same story for supplies.

>I'm having all these lows now (and I lost all feeling of them..just like I >was on shots again).

Since my husband started pumping about 7 weeks ago, he starts having
lows about every 2 weeks and we have to drop the basals again. Our CDE
says it is possible that when he was on shots and having such wild
swings, he built up a lot of resistance. Now that his body is getting
used to having "normal" numbers more often, the insulin "goes a lot
Other women on this list have mentioned that monthly cycles affect their
insulin needs too, so could that be part of your problem? Shane has no
info on this to share ;-)
Glad to hear you finally found a set that works for you!
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