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[IP] 6 months pumping (sorry long)

Hey all!
 Well, today marks exactly six months of pumping
insulin for me, so I feel like I should reflect some.
To me this seems a bigger accomplishment than having D
over ten years, but that will probably change one day.
 I remember my excitement about it, and the warnings
that it wasn't a cure, that IS so true and we all have
to remember that, and also not to put too much hope on
the pump. I did until I  had all my probs with it. 
 I had  my highest a1c in years on the pump, and am
waiting to have my lowest.
 It took 5 months to finally find an infusion set (6mm
rapids by Disetronic)--i found those a month ago--and
disetronic is STILL tangled up with insurance (FOR MM
u sers...I think MM is much faster in insurance/supply
sense..I am still waiting for my sets) but I'm glad I
found these sets, and it's worth the wait...(but i
doubt it will be here b4 the new year even though D
said I'd have them b4 Christmas (go figure)
 My bg are still my weird old bg. Patterns change so
fast. I don't really miss anything about the shots, b
ut still having some bg probs on teh pump. I was 32
this am after being ok last night, and my nights are
still INconsistent (basal testing soon).
 But I've learned a lot. Patience like crazy. I
survived those months of hell when I was ready to give
up my pump (when I had my VERY high a1c) and I'm sure
the one I get done Jan 13 will be much better (sadly
b/c of all of the lows I can't feel lately) 
 BG wise, I'm probably where I was the first month of
pumping..pretty good but too many lows. MY knowledge
though has increased, and I'm living off of temporary
 If i didn't have my pump I would not be able to work
at Cinnabon (NO, i don't eat them, but for the
scheduling purposes) I still have lows at work but
lately my temp basal and setting it 2 hrs b4 I start
work has worked nicely. 
 I enjoy the sleeping in, but b/c of work half the
time I have to be up early anyway.
 I've met a million great people b/c Of the pump and
I'm starting to feel like I DO have the best tool
available to help me. 
 I'm not sure if 3.5 yrs from now I'll get a MM or not
b/c of probs I've had with them, but not sso sure any
alternative looks great, at least now my pump is very
easy to use 
 I FINALLY found a greta spot for my pump..in the
front of my bra..it stays w/o any thing sticking to
it, and it cannot be "detected"--but I don't think i'd
do that at school b/c of bolusing (that's where the
remote would be handy)
 I've just learned a lot these past 6 months. I am
definitely a pump advocate, but I do see that it is
not for everyone. I think my months of hell were
probably the worse they will get with the pump,
because I handled that I can handle other things
probably, and I will ask for help hopefully before
things escalate so much.
 I don't know about endos. I'm having all these lows
now (and I lost all feeling of them..just like I was
on shots again). If my appt on Jan 13 is like all the
others, I will probably switch to a more pump
knowledgable endo. If I don't, then that's b/c of my
problem solving (wannabe) skills. 
 This probably seems like a very mixed up email. I do
love my pump and am starting to see the "beauty of the
pump". The last 2 weeks I had great bg but then the
lows struck (makes me wonder how great of control you
can have without lows). Just a week of 40s-60s made me
lose my symptoms which I'd only regained b/c of my
months of really high highs. I do think things could
be worse and I'm glad they're not. To say the least I
am learning a lot, and getting to do more of what I
want b/c of the freedom of the pump. it may seem hard
to tell, but I DO love my pump, and wouldn't ever give
it up (easy to say now, huh?!?). I've put too much
work into it not to make it work.
 I'm typing away too much, my hands are going numb:-)
( i think my 83 is dropping.)

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