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Trial & Error (was)Re: [IP] Increased BGs after exercise

In a message dated 12/28/99 9:26:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  But when I first noticed
 this int he early 80s and asked my doc, he simply told  me that exercise
 lowers BG and looked at me like I was nuts.   >>
    Welcome to "medicine circa 1999"- where, thanks to the wonders of the 
Web, we are no longer limited to what our doctors say.....but are empowered 
to realize that even the same individual can have completely reversed 
reactions to identical situations from one day to the next....so "hats off" 
to the best "doctor" we've encountered- Dr. Trial and Error! LOL...What he's 
taught us is to have a healthy respect for the "black hole theory" where 
insulin "vanishes" & doesn't do what it was supposed to/ and conversely, to 
celebrate those times where what we anticipated DOES work, exactly as we'd 
wanted, bg-wise!

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom to Melissa)
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