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Re: [IP] Type 2 diagnosis criteria

At 09:15 AM 12/28/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks for replying so quickly.  Maybe I should define "countless" as AT
>LEAST every 3 months for the past 3 years or so.  I can't count how many
>times he has said that he "can't" have diabetes for the reason "because".
>I feel like I'm arguing with a 2 year old at times!  Maybe it is to get
>even for things we said/did when we were two.  :-) I wish I was wrong, or
>at least his health wasn't hanging in the balance or his denial...

I had a pretty hard time coping with a diagnoses of Diabetes 20 years ago.
I would assume that your Dads are really frightened and are into some
pretty strong denial.  Denial (in the case of type II Diabetes) can be
ignored and the individual can lead a relatively normal life.
Unfortunately, that normal life gradually changes into one best by
blindness, kidney failure and loss of limbs.  What we know now leads us to
believe that these complications could have been avoided or greatly
ameliorated if the blood sugar is kept near normal.

The psychological aspects of this disease are enormous.  We are awash in
diabetic and most refuse to care for themselves and the ones that do are
often given really bad advice by their doctors.  It's an uphill climb all
the way.  Still good care yields far less misery than bad care.  I have
watched good people slowly disintegrate because their doctor would tell
them to "Check your BG twice a week before breakfast.  If the numbers are
good (less than 200) then take the same amount of insulin and don't call."

Sounds like the treatment of diabetes is in disarray.  I suspect it is.
Perhaps brighter days are coming.
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