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[IP] Type 2 diagnosis criteria

I know this has been somewhat discussed, but I can't find it in the
archives (I tried, I came up with lots of different options, but can't find
the posts I'm looking for).  At the time it was discussed, I only had a
vague interest, so didn't read in that much detail, and don't remember
exactly who wrote it (although I want to say Natalie).  

The question: what is the blood glucose values considered at various times
to be diagnosised with diabetes?  I know if you are above 126 you are dx
with diabetes, but does that still apply if it is a 2 hour pp?  I am trying
to convice my dad he does has type 2 diabetes (as I have for the past 5
years).  His doctor is an idiot (didn't diagnosis him after countless lab
values of above 150... some of which were after overnight fasts).  My dad
just asked me for a meter so he can "check to see if it isn't just nerves"
and he wants to know what it "can" be after he eats and for how long.  For
non-d people, isn't your bg stay fairly stable?  I'm also trying to
convince him type 2 is just as serious as type 1, and "they" can have
complications as well as I can.  I've thought that I was just talking to a
brick wall for the past 5 years, but I guess maybe the message is starting
to get through.

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