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Subject: [IP] Re: disetronic temp basal rates

Yes, you can have the D temporary basal rates set for whatever period of
time you like, but it has to be set by either the factory, or one of the D
reps who has a special modem that will reprogram it.  We have Jenna's pumps
set for a temp basal increase of 4 hours.  That lets us do "square wave"
imitation better (sure wish we had the "real thing" sometimes.)  Also, with
as sensitive as she is to insulin, if we forget a temp basal, it turns
itself off before she gets too low.  Call your D rep if you'd like a shorter
temp basal.

Nancy Morgan

Someone posted that with Disetronic "the temporary basal rate runs for as
long as the pump is set(can be different for increase or decrease)".  My
instruction manual says the temp basal rate increase runs for 12 hours and
the decrease for 4 hours.  Is this variable and is there a way to have the
number of hours changed? Thanks. Kathy

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