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[IP] Re: Circular Alias

At 07:06 PM 12/27/1999  Fran Baumgartner wrote:
 >Hi Sam,
 >I am getting an error while trying to send a message to the list."Circular
 >Reference in insulin..."  I only have once in my address book.

I think I've seen that when an entry in my address book duplicates 
something else. Does the name of your address exactly equals the actual 
address?? So instead of calling email @ redacted exactly 
that, I have it named just Insulin Pumpers. If that's not it, give me some 
more information about which one is causing the problem.

 >Thanks for you help.
 >Oh, while I am at it, why do some messages have blue dot's next to them and
 >others do not?

The blue dots are for unread messages. You can set how long it takes for it 
to change an unread message to read... I think mine is set for about 3 seconds.


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