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[IP] Eyes Burning and Lows

Kap has been complaining of his eyes burning (stinging) they look red and 
watery - 
I have always checked him when this goes on - Cause it's a Mom thing to do -
He has been Low - under 60
This strange complaint has been going on for 2 or 3 weeks now.
Anyone else experience eyes burning when low.
I would have thought - eyes burning would have been from high bgs.
Learning never to THINK with D.
He has an annual eye exam next week.
Plus pumping saline on 1/3/00
Mom to Kap - age 9
Pumping ole soo soon.
Kap was able to do a bolus - then he had to show me how he did it. 
I didnt know - even after reading the book. (Slow me)
He also sat his basels for the 24 hrs (fake rates by the doctor I hope)
1.5 for 7am to 7pm and .5 for 7pm - 7am 
Kap said he was getting ready for Navy seal training after having to learn 
the military time.

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