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[IP] Re: air bubbles

That's what we've done (skipped breakfast with no bolus) and our
dr said that was okay. 
As for the air bubbles, I take the insulin vial out of the fridge
to get to room temp before filling the cartridges. Then I put the
filled cartridges (a month's worth, 4-5) in the fridge. When it
is time to change, I let the new one sit at room temp for at
least an hour. When I prime, I gently "dance" the [Disetronic]
pump around on it's end (CDE showed me that one) so any air
bubbles go to the top of the cartridge and out the tubing - I
prime til they are gone. We have had no problems with air bubbles
between cartridge changes (don't know if it is the technique or
just plain beginner's luck.)  

Susan said:
Anyway, my question is..... we are having a problem with air
bubbles.  We 
have had to change (well actually figured out a way to prime it
out) a 2 or 3 
times for large air bubbles. 
<and then>
But then the light bulb went 
off, and she goes I missed breakfast!  We just skipped
altogether, no bolus, 
no food.  Was that right?

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti [Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, Cherokee] mother of many children
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