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Re: [IP]Disetronic Low Battery Action


I do believe Michael may have been referring to the MiniMed Pump, but it also holds true
for Disetronic, sometimes.  I just recently had a battery last a week after the first Low
Battery Alarm.  Please read below:

> As I remember it, the Disetronic manual describes the
> Battery warnings ("02" or "03" independently) as suggesting
> replacement of that numbered battery as soon as possible,
> but in any case NO MORE THAN 12 hours.

Refer to pages 40 and 41 in the Disetronic Manual and it's states that "Do not change the
battery unless the alarm ERROR 02 ( same for 03 ) will not clear. "
"The pump may operate for a period of time even when the voltage is low.  The pump ...".
I have followed these instructions each time I receive a battery alarm.  Some times I must
change the battery immediately but like I said just in the past two weeks I got an alarm
did my thing and the battery went on for another week without giving me an alarm each

Unless the manuals have changed since 10-98, I would follow the directions on those pages,


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