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From: Subject: [IP] Re: Justin and the Utah trip......

I know some folks on the list have had problems with hot tubs, but Jenna
indulges in ours regularly, (yeah, we have one at home), and has never had a
problem.  She does disconnect while she's in the tub, so perhaps the little
"insulin rush" just makes up for the missed basal rate.  Just wanted to
reassure you that it's not a problem for everyone.

Nancy morgan

<<Justin DID
remember its time for a site change and was going to do it AS SOON AS HE GOT
OUT OF THE HOT TUB!!!  Freaked out since I recall prior posts about
insulin and hot tubs. Any advice?  Would the tub still cause an
insulin rush from the insulin in his tissues?  Or can he enjoy the tub as
long as he'd disconnected?>>

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