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[IP]Disetronic Low Battery Action

Rachel wrote about Michael Robinton's message
>In a message dated 12/26/1999 11:06:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:

>The pump can easily run for as long as a week after
>a low battery alarm (not guaranteed).
>It will certainly run the rest of the day, probably more.
>Thanks Michael ... this is info I can definately use.
Sorry Rachel, you cannot.
Michael was describing MiniMed pumps' low-battery message.
We use Disetronic so the actions and history are different:
As I remember it, the Disetronic manual describes the
Battery warnings ("02" or "03" independently) as suggesting
replacement of that numbered battery as soon as possible,
but in any case NO MORE THAN 12 hours.
I have found it to "alarm" hourly on the hour once it starts,
and it does "STOP" on the 12th hour of the alarm.
However, as you found at Rachel's school lunch time the other
day, detecting a "low battery" during a bolus records the
amount of the bolus which was delivered, STOPS immediately,
then MUST be read after new battery and RUN again.
The only error had been "assuming" the basal had not
been given. The machine delivers only the amounts we
program it to deliver, unless it determines itself unable,
then it STOPS. There is no inherent error in the machine.
  Particularly if it stops by running a battery down during
a bolus, only the fraction of the bolus which was delivered
is recorded, so it IS ACCURATE. Just can't read it until
after restarted on new battery, whichever one it was.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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