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RE: [IP] Regular vs Humalog

I missed the original question, however if it was 
which is better to use in the pump the answer is YMMV.

It ranges on your insulin sensitivity and factors such as
allergies etc.

For some people Humalog works wonders.  It is the best thing
since sliced bread.

For some people Humalog works way to quickly and they have a 
lot of lows during/after meals and highs later from the correction.
For these people Regular may be a better choice.

For some people Humalog works slowly, and sometimes works almost
the same as Regular.  For these people it may be a toss up as to
which to use.

For some people, Humalog isn't even a choice do to allergies to it.

And for others a mix of Humalog and Regular is the solution.  

You need to find your sensitivity and make it work for you.  In my case
humalog was peaking at 2.5-3 hours after taking when I was on MDI.
Once I started taking humalog straight the peak was about 1 hour.  So
the NPH I was taking was prolonging the peak of the Humalog.  I have
adjusted and am happy with straight humalog in my pump.  My sites last
about 4 days and I don't have pump bumps.  Others need to mix insulin's 
to get longer sites and to prevent the bumps.  

Good Luck,
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