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[IP] Celebrating LIFE - (complications) long post

> Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 09:26:11 -0500
> From: "Julie Britt" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Anniversary
> I just wanted to thank you for this inspirational post.  I will be
>celebrating 10 years in Feb.  I am often worried about just making it to my
>40th birthday that to hear that you are 60 and celebrating "LIFE"  really
>brightens my day.  Do you have any complications?  If so, what?
> Do you have any kids?
> Julie

This is long - sorry (I think)
I'll be celebrating LIFE on 11/4/00 (50 yrs of DM) despite many early
factors contrariwise to my betterment. I picked the ripe old age of 35 to
probably be dead. I suffered boils, sties, and carbuncles (my stepfather had
them and I believe I got the infection from him) from age 3 until I went
into a diabetic coma at age 11.5. I had 5 on one leg at one time and could
hardly walk - still have the
pock marks. I was NOT taken to the doctor for anything (zilch, nada, no any
until 6 days before the ER in the coma. I believe the 8 years of poison in
my system finally shut down my pancreas. My husband, and some classmates
had boils but none got DM. PTL I survived. The dog, however,
WAS taken to the dr. for not feeling well. My diet was adhered
to for about 3 weeks (that's all mom could handle of that routine and
disruption). As long as I got my daily shot of NPH/Regular I was *okay.*
Urine tests were not encouraged at home. I'm the one on the IP list who was
encouraged to get dressed so I'd feel better. It didn't work!!!
    Most of the food preparations were not adjusted for my diet (a tsp. of
sugar was added to canned corn to retain its color, etc.). Mom kept me
completely dependent upon her for my injections, routine, diet. She
interrupted her laundry routine (pull clothes out of the washer, run through
the wringer
into the rinse tub, back through the wringer, hang on the line) to peel and
slice a
peach for me and pour 1/2 & 1/2 on it because I was bored (about 13 y/o).
    We married in 7/60 (we'll do a *joint* observance for 40 yrs wed
11/4/00). I felt Mom was glad I was finally out of the house and relieved
that when I'd die it wouldn't reflect on her. She referred to my demise
often. Nine mos. and 20 days after our wedding I delivered a 10# girl 17
days early. I was put on DBI during the pg since insulin requirements were
increasing. I had a.m. sickness even in the
hosp. the 5 days before inducing labor. She had a non-severe case of Hyaline
Membrane Disease and didn't do too well. I was devestated because shortly
thereafter I found out I was pg again. I cried daily, the baby slept lots
and I hadn't recovered from the effects of the first pg. Ten mos. & 14 days
after her birth, our son was induced 23 days early. He almost died of HMD
(the Kennedy baby died from it between my 2 babies). Oh, how I see things
differently for pumpers!!! We brought him home from the hospital at 15 days
of age. It was an extremely difficult,
lonely, unprepared-for-dealing-with-life time. I needed my Mom
to do everything for me like when I was younger. She more or less stayed
away. I had made my bed....... But, today I am the grandmother of 4!!!
    As far as complications at this stage: I have had 12 surgeries including
6 on/for eyes. The most major was a vitrectomy 2.5 yrs ago. Also diabetic
cataracts and laser. PTL I now have 20/20 & 20/25 vision w/o correction. I
need bifocals to read because plastic implants can't focus like natural
does. I take 3 diff. BP meds, synthroid for hypothyroidism, Premarin
estrogen replacement since hysterectomy in '79 due to endometriosis (common
for diabetic women), Dilantin for circulation due to peripheral neuropathy
in feet and legs, 8,800u EPO (Procrit) bi-weekly as replacement for natural
loss due to kidney function at 23%, 300mg iron, 1200 mg Calcium, B100
complex, Lasix diuretic. I have *silly* little things also that I feel are
unique to me, however, as another DMer told me - you're body isn't working
right and
anything can be out of sorts. I do not have much energy and do not want to
go on dialysis. I'm learning I may be too old for a transplant so dialysis
may be this year. The unit is only four mi. away so it wouldn't be too
disrupting. My husband is a trucker and gone much of the time except
    Mom hasn't spoken to me for quite awhile - my father deserted when
I was a baby, my dau takes MUCH after her grandma and I'm not allowed to see
her 3 kids. I have them all on my list of invitees to my bash. I doubt any
will come, nor acknowledge the occasion. Don't know how I'll handle it since
I cried all day for the 49th - mostly because my family doesn't care. (BTW -
I had to interrupt writing this to care for my 10 mo 16 day old
granddaughter for about an hour. That brought back memories, but sweet this
time, of 37 years ago having one that age and a 2-day old. How I wish things
could have been different.)
    Hope I haven't *killed* your inspiration. Like I said, I have survived
despite the odds against me. Remember, with the evolvement of technology
since 1950, there's a much brighter outlook for Type 1's. I will have a
display of early products I used - until now. I have a friend who is 70;
she and her identical twin will observe 65 years of IDDM in 2000!!! The Lord
must have some use for me here yet. I'll try to bring glory to His name.
    In case you want to see what I look like, my pic is on the member list
(thanks, Michael).
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)
> >I'm going to celebrate LIFE on 11/4/00 - and Joslin and Lilly think it is
> >significant enough to recognize life after 25, 50, and 75 years. I'm
> >having a *bash,*
> >Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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