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[IP] Pump Fairy had a change of heart...

Hi Everyone,
Thought I would tell you my story about Christmas Morning...

As I was snuggled all warm in my bed,
The pump fairy came in floating over my head,
She took one look at my set, my perfect working sil,
and decided to reek havoc, and be a nasty pill.
She tugged on the tubing, she peeled up the tape,
pulled out the set which was no longer in very good shape.
With a cackle of laughter, she could of just fled,
but instead on her way out she tapped me on the head.
I awoke to the sound of an earily quite room,
only to look down and see my impending doom.
I dashed out of bed and ran down the stairs,
tripping over presents and strategically placed chairs.
I pulled out my loot of diabetic supplies,
and decided on humor instead of frustrated cries.
I chanted: "On lancet, on test strip, on profile, let's go!"
And low and behold the result was a low!
I retested my blood sugar out of sheer confusion, 
how could I be low with no working infusion?
But the result was the same and I treated it with care,
Now what would have happened if the pump fairy hadn't been there?
So I inserted a new sil, and walked back up the stairs to bed,
thinking about the situation while scratching my head.
And an idea came into my head, that gave me such a start,
could the pump fairy really possibly have a heart?
Common sense then came over me and I turned off that thought,
Knowing all the havoc to others she had brought.
So I leave you with this question, which is quite of a twister,
could the fairy who visited me, be the pump fairy's sister?

-- Sherry
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