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[IP] air bubbles

>hi susan,

I can't understand why your doctor didn't have you counting carbs prior to
using insulin in the pump ....but who am I to say?

hopefully allie will be counting her carbs and bolusing the appropriate
amount of insulin as she eats whenever and whatever she wishes.  that way
you all won't be worried about sleeping in!  with the pump...one should be
able to NOT eat if the basals are set correctly.

as far as bubbles:

we found that it really helps if we pre load about five insulin cartridges
at a time with humalog (and velosulin,  which is another story)....that has
been left out at room temp for a few hours.

after loading up all of them, we leave them standing up and the bubbles will
eventually float up to the top of the cartridge.  then we store them in the
refridge. in a tupperware container.

when we go to put the cartridge into the pump,  we make sure it has set out
at room temp for an hour again to make sure the bubbles float to the
surface.  then we put it in the pump. one trick that we learned from this
list is to have the pump stand with the end of the cartridge at the
bottom...we sit it on its end ....during the 5.0  (we have MM)  PRIME.  this
causes gravity to make sure that the driver arm is engaged and also if the
tubing is hanging down,  the air bubbles will also be forced down.  (this
also AFTER you have pushed out all bubbles manually before you prime)


room temp for not only the vial of insulin,  but room temp for the cartridge
after loading it.  stand it upright for awhile.

good luck,

mom to 10 1/2 yr. old geneva
pumping since june '99

>We all checked it very closely.  We are
> leaving the insulin out, room temp.  I just cant imagine what is
> Any suggestions?

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