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[IP] air bubbles

Hi All,

Not sure if I am sending this the correct way, but will try.  Allie has been 
pumping one week today!  She is running a little high, but I know we are 
working on getting basals right for now.  Our dr. has us on a straight bolus; 
4 for break, 2 for lunch and 3 for sup, nothing extra for highs for now.  
Anyway, my question is..... we are having a problem with air bubbles.  We 
have had to change (well actually figured out a way to prime it out) a 2 or 3 
times for large air bubbles.  This last time, I drew it up myself, because I 
wanted to see what was happening.  We all checked it very closely.  We are 
leaving the insulin out, room temp.  I just cant imagine what is happening.  
Any suggestions?  

Also, just curious, yesterday, Allie slept until 12:15.  I kept checking her, 
and she was moving, actually checked her bs about 12:00, it was 55, brought a 
little juicy juice up and she drank it in bed.  But then the light bulb went 
off, and she goes I missed breakfast!  We just skipped altogether, no bolus, 
no food.  Was that right?

Thanks to everyone, this has been a wonderful help!  I have the digest 
version, so sometimes I am a little late on things, lots of reading!

Have a wonderful new year!

Susan 8)
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