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[IP] sites lasting and dan

I've just noted that one person mention that the site time could
> last with a mix of humulin and humalog? Is that correct?


most people try to get 3-4 days out of a site and some push it  to more.  we
were having problems with geneva's sites only lasting 2 days , so we
followed the advice from this list to use velosulin,  a buffered regular
insulin by NOVO NORDISK mixed with humalog.  this worked ok sometimes but we
then found that by changing from the sof-sets to the sils/tenders that
geneva could always go at least 3 days.

our personal goal is 3-4 days.  or twice a week changes.  geneva is thin so
the sils seem to work better for her.

if you are interested in the velosulin/humalog mix,  go into the "archives"
and do a search for velosulin.  you should come up with a whole bunch of
threads on the subject.

ruth,  mom to 10 yr. old geneva

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